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China has winned more than 100 gold medels on Olympic Games . It`s said that many traditionnal manners are disappearring . The weahter in America is different from it in Austrlia. Jim`s outside looking is similar to Tom`s My hometown is not the same as it is ten year`s ago. 献丑了、望采纳、绝对原版、人品 保证

1.The foods are on the table. 2.Give me some food, i'm hungry. 3.The way to Beijing is very long 4.He sometimes wear a red T-shirt 5.Please put on warm clothes for the cold

我很累,我觉得自己没有购物的心情 借着月光,可以很清楚的看到房子 我受够了你的抱怨,你现在可以不要说了吗


她的父母负担不起她的学费 Her parents can't afford her tuition fees

1.要不是约翰帮忙,我们绝不会这么快就完成实验. If it wasn't for John, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish the experiment so quickly.2.如果我们能帮的上忙,尽管和我们联系. If we could be of any help, please don't hesitate to contact us.3


All along, music phones are a vast number of students a warm welcome from friends, and the Sony Ericsson W580c used as a Walkman music player's powerful music slider phone, only a very elegant design, but it is also Good to the continuation

i want to find a person who can give a hug when i cry. i am so tired!

During the study, PinXue outstanding students XueXiBu work into. Make more friends, expand the communication field, increased my lifeUnderstanding. Cherish my university life!


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