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BE FAmous For

be famous for;be famous as 这一对短语都是“以……而出(著)名”的意思,但它们会在含义和用法上有区别.(1)当主语是表示人的名词时,be famous for表示“以某种知识、技能、作品或特征而出名”,be famous as 则表示“以某身份而出名

前者是因为something而famous 后者的意思是像something一样famous

be famous for因而著名be famous as以身份而著名

be famous for 因……而闻名(后面接动名词ing形式) 如:Lei Feng is famous for helping others.类似词组是:be famous as 作为……而出名(后面接名词) 如:He is famous as an artist.

be famous of 指的是 因而著名; be famous for指的是因.出名,后可以加动词,名词 例句分析 be famous of [例句]Aside from representing offerings to the gods, they can be famous characters or parts of scenes from legendary stories.除了可用

be famous for以……而出名 be famous as+表示职业的名词' 作为……而出名.如 Guilin is famous for its hills and water.Luxun was famous as a writer .

be famous for意为“因为…而出名”,后接出名的原因,如:Now York is famous for its high buildings. 纽约以高楼大厦而闻名.He is famous for his novels. 他因他的小说而出名.be famous as 作为…而出名,前面的主语和后面的名词意思一致如:Lu Xun was famous as a writer. 鲁迅是位著名的作家.Hangzhou is famous as a tourist place. 杭州是一个旅游胜地.be famous for 后接宾语是主语的所属内容,be famous as后接宾语是主语的同位成分.

be famous for :是以..而著名的意思,如:Gui Lin is famous for its beautiful sights.(桂林以它美丽的风景而著名.) 当主语是表示人的名词时,be famous for表示“以某种知识、技能、作品或特征而出名 当主语是地点名词时,be famous for

be famous for

be known for 意为“因…… 而著名”:He was known for his frankness.他以坦率著称.be famous for 意为“因为…而出名”,后接出名的原因,如:Now York is famous for its high buildings.纽约以高楼大厦而闻名.


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