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in the pursuit of happiness的意思是:追求幸福. 例句: 1.His ethical teaching consisted in the pursuit of happiness, which he conceived of asthe elimination of pain, both mental and physical. 他的伦理学教导人要在精神上和身体上都追求幸福,设

chase主要是是指驱赶,一般后面接的是可以看到的事物 pursuit 是追求,一般后面接抽象的名词,比如说happiness 这类的词.1.chase 英 [tes] 美 [tes] vt.追求;追捕;追寻;镂刻 n.追捕;打猎;猎物(指鸟兽等);槽2.pursuit 英 [p

In the pursuit of good people in spite of a loss, they will eventually realize that there are one the right.不知道对不对 我英文很差 .这是从有道词典中得来的翻译.

In the picture, we can see that some young ladies are dressed in fashionable clothes. They are joyfully showing some latest sorts of the garment . With the steady growth in the country's economy as well as the people's living standard, fashion has

pursuit追赶,消遣,爱好 in pursuit of 追求例句:We've simply reaffirmed an old truth:the pursuit of affluence does not always end with happiness.我们只是重申一个古老的真理:对财富的追求并不总是以幸福告终.

看了这句话很有感触,意思是让我们昔时在拥挤的大街上,你在忙着追赶什么?在寂寞的角落处,正如你所知,(你已)失去了很多.crowded: [ 'kraudid ] adj. 拥挤的例句与用法: 1. I don't like having to navigate London's crowded streets. 我不

1.we make efforts in pursuit of happy life2.He is more often than not late3.This virus can transmit in the crowd4.I will be enjoying the film with friends5.He helps poor students ,but not in return6.You could have done the homework yesterday ,but you

The only problem unconsciously assumed by all Chinese philosophers to be of any importance is: How shall we enjoy life, and who can best enjoy life? No perfectionism, no straining after the unattainable, no postulating of he unknowable; but taking

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