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帮忙翻译一下你好,翻译如下 杰弗逊的勇气和理想主义是基于知识。他可能知道他比任何其他同龄人更多。他是在农业,考古和医学专家。他在这些实行轮

英语翻译!!帮忙!!急!!Foot Binding was practiced for few hundred years in the past in China. In the beginning it was only a body decoration.

翻译(高分)SMEs are the "base" of the economy of a country, the strong support to the national economic development, the reliance of

英文翻译!!急求!kristen Stewart played a girl named Bella who moved to live with her father in a town after the divorce of her parents.

superior的用法请高手们帮我详细解释 手机爱问superior的用法请高手们帮我详细解释一下superior的意思和用法,还有,它有比较级吗?谢谢

【我这本书的印刷质量比你那本书要好(superior)怎样优质解答 My book's printing quality is superior to yours. 作业帮用户 2017-10-30 举报 其他类似问题 英语翻译 2016-12-14 英语翻译

翻译求助!!-帮忙翻译一下,谢谢:"I will not regard myself as the most superior in the world, but I will never acknowledge that I rank the second."

谁能译一下这几句话?_英语词汇But how do anxieties become manageable except through a friendly working relationship with someone felt to be superiorin this case


那位专家帮我翻译一下谢谢!!!回答:1. 介绍 在地下结构的建筑闩上它才有最巨大的应用。 ItÕsfirst和首要用途在煤矿和连续的挖掘方法是常用的供住宿的地层。 从



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